Do you want to make your company a place where your employees feel comfortable? Then offer yoga at the workplace – during the lunch break, before work or after work directly in your company. 

Yoga is an anti-stress program, improves posture, strengthens back and joints. Regular relaxation and stress reduction promote the health and performance of your employees in the long term. This is proven by numerous studies.

Use my offer to provide your employees with yoga as a company health promotion and teambuilding measure.

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I am happy to create a yoga program specifically for your company and the needs of the employees. The individual concept can consist of yoga and relaxation or dynamic yoga sequences with a combination of functional training. The wishes of your employees are the focus of my work.

If you as a company are interested in a yoga course or a yoga workshop, please contact me and I will send you an individual offer. During an initial meeting we can set the focus, clarify the budget and the available organizational framework. 


Efficient and satisfied employees

Fewer sick days and increased productivity

More pleasant working atmosphere

Improves the ability to focus 

Interested in online yoga with me, group classes, private yoga, corporate yoga or workshops. Write me.