I have always enjoyed the movement, the adventure, the vastness, the unknown. I follow my impulses. I discovered yoga 5 years ago during my studies of architecture. But I had my first encounter with yoga 10 years ago. I could not identify myself with it and I searched further and further. Eventually I ended up in India because of love and I realized that yoga is not just asanas (exercises), but so much more. Here my love for yoga began. Back to Vienna it didn’t take long until I travelled back to India to complete my first yoga teacher training with the main focus on Ashtanga, Hatha and Yoga Nidra. This deepened my own yoga practice and I soon noticed that I was getting other people interested in yoga. One year later I landed back in Asia because of my architecture studies and attended another yoga teacher training with focus on Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. After my return to Vienna I finished my studies and decided to make my passion to my profession.

Yoga for me is learning and keeping curiosity for a lifetime. With Yoga I have become stronger and more flexible, not only physically but also mentally. Yoga has taught me to accept and love myself and others, to accept challenges and persevere, to step out of the comfort zone and to pursue my dreams without compromise.


My yoga classes can be powerful and relaxing. I enjoy bringing others closer to what I love. 

Teaching Yoga means a lot of personality and empathy to me. I am 100% committed and want the best for my yoga students. I try to create a place where my yoga students can be free and without judgement. Where they can allow themselves to simply BE. My yoga classes are clearly structured and besides powerful and challenging exercises there is always a gentle conclusion that ends in a pleasurable Savasana (relaxation). If time permits, there is also a small head and neck massage at the end of the class 😉

For me there is nothing more beautiful than the sparkling eyes and the gratitude of the participants after the yoga session.  I love what I do. 

Interested in online yoga with me, group classes, private yoga, corporate yoga or workshops. Write me.